• Charles Demuth, “Bermuda No. 2, The Schooner,” 1917.
  • Charles Demuth, “Bermuda Sky and Sea with Boats,” 1917.
  • Charles Demuth, “Fish Series, No. 4,” 1916.
  • Charles Demuth, “ Bermuda No. 1, Tree and House,” 1917.

Charles Demuth watercolors

26 September 2012 /

Demuth’s watercolors produce an intoxicating draw with their simplicity and carefully selected color palette. One piece in particular caught my eyes as I passed by in the Met and I haven’t looked back since. I love the introduction of cubism into his work, while keeping with his style and subject matter. Get lost in his work at http://www.metmuseum.org/search-results?ft=demuth&x=0&y=0&rpp=10&pg=1.