Comic Arts Festival or day of indulgence

11 November 2013 / , ,

Oh the joy of graphic arts, aesthetically stunning and narrative, who doesn’t love a carefully crafted illustrated story? And for one day each year the graphic greats get together to curate a festival of visual delight, gracing the public with an assortment of reasonably priced works ranging from the graphic novel to screen printed illustrations. Yes, the Comic Arts Festival has it all, not to mention the appearance of artists such as Paul Auster, Art Spiegelman, Adrian Tomine, and others—offering the opportunity to connect to the artist, and their work. A day of pleasant indulgence, the Comic Arts Festival is a day of discovery and well worth the visit, check out their site here to learn more about the festival and its exhibitors.

Nicholas Sumida
Paul Hoppe
Courtney Menard
T Edward Bak
Robert Hunter