Fiction: Rider of the night

21 April 2014 /

Let’s ride our bikes at night. Turn on your back flashing red light to activate the force field. Now that we’re safe we can begin our journey. Step to the edge of the sidewalk with your bike, look both ways, even for one ways! (Delivery people are required by law not to ride with the flow of traffic.) Once assured that the road is clear let’s take proud pumps of the pedal and enjoy that cool air blowing through our hair. Get up to speed, speed is important, it allows us to balance better, like a spinning top, once we get rolling there’s no toppling over. Pedal pedal pedal, coast, pedal pedal pedal, coast; lower your profile and take a sharp smooth turn. Straighten up, pedal pedal pedal, coast. The dark blue blanket of night wraps us in a serene environment of concrete and air. You’re a stealth bike slicing through the streets, darting between cars with the confidence of a Jedi fighter pilot. Your flashing red force field warming your reflexes and repelling cars in its wake. Race alongside a bus, try touching it… so close! Feel your thighs beginning to burn, the rewards of riding. Dull vibrations and a hum hum emanate from your two wheeled prosthetic. Shit! Just about got hit by a car! Fucking force field. Can’t these muggles see we’re biking here!? Ignorant pricks. Politely snub your nose at them and continue onward rider of the night. Ride into the blackness, dissipating into the night, and leaving everyone behind.