• Norwegian Wood, Murakami

Murakami’s tale of love and loss

01 January 2014 / ,

An erotic, somber, and introverted look into one mans coming of age and complicated search for love. The Beatles Norwegian Wood aptly sets the mood, era, and title, for Haruki Murakami’s tale of sexual venture and tragedy set in 1960s Tokyo. Death is a central theme throughout the story, as much so as love, and provides a clear connection between the two—as both mysterious and devastating. Toru and Naoko are connected by death, the suicide of a friend, this death both haunts them and brings them together. Toru falls in love with Naoko, but she becomes further and further withdrawn from reality, hopelessly trapped in her past and mind. As Naoko searches to regain herself, Toru searches for solitude and peace of mind, but finds the extroverted Midori instead. Caught between two very different loves, Toru begins to fall apart just as Naoko does, but can love save them? Find out for yourself.