An air of México City

12 July 2013 / , ,

From the moment I thought about México City, and going there, mystery was the only thing that filled my mind. México City was an idealized place in my head, so big, and around every corner something either beautiful or frightening. I kept this mirage of México City in my mind until the very day I got onto the plane, doing very little planning, and not sneaking any peeks via Google maps street-view. Some part of me had visions of a Mexico City inspired from The Savage Detectives, Roberto Bolaño’s epic novel—much of which takes place in México City—or a parallel Mexican version of New York City without the skyscrapers. Well the real thing was much less melodramatic, and much more rich and rewarding; as I traversed the streets of Colonia Condesa, the historical district, crashed Frida’s casa, viewed the city as seen by royalty, and climbed the stairs of some very big pyramids, I learned that México City is no Novel or mirage, but only México City … first in a multi-post series!.

México City