• Eugène Durieu “Seated Female Nude” 1853–54.
  • Harry Callahan “Eleanor and Barbara, Chicago” 1954.
  • Thomas Eakins “Thomas Eakins and John Laurie Wallace on a Beach” 1883.
  • Félix-Jacques-Antoine Moulin “Two Standing Female Nudes” 1850.

Nostalgic and sexual, “Naked” is unbound

15 September 2012 / ,

“Naked Behind the Camera” (at the Met) is a provocative view into nude art photography. In the 1800s nude photography served as an aid for drawing and sculpture, evolving into art form and providing rich social commentary. I found the exhibition particularly nostalgic as I peered at 150 year-old photos of nudes; their lives and the time they lived utterly mysterious to me. The exhibition raises questions about the body itself; how society hides and shuns it, making it an object of desire, shame, and mystery—a conflicting combination. It’s interesting to see the progression of nude photography from a delicate art from into an increasingly explicit and suggestive medium. Explore the exhibition yourself at http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2012/naked-before-the-camera.