• Tom Clohosy Cole, Space Race, 2012.
  • Tom Clohosy Cole, Space Race, 2012.
  • Tom Clohosy Cole, Space Race, 2012.

21 December 2012 /

As a kid is was especially keen on everything related to space. I knew all the dates and names for every milestone in space, and spent countless hours mesmerized by the rockets, astronauts, and the concept of space itself. Tom Clohosy Cole’s illustrated beauty “Space Race” has launched childhood back into the stratosphere depicting glorious scenes of space travel and providing a timeline of key milestones in space travel history. Whether a lover of space or not, Tom’s work is sure to spur the imagination. http://tomclohosycole.co.uk.

  • Henri Matisse, Young Sailor I, 1906.
  • Henri Matisse, Bowl of Apples on a Table, 1916.
  • Henri Matisse, Laurette Seated on a Pink Armchair, 1916–17.
  • Henri Matisse, Luxe, calme, et volupté, 1904.

20 December 2012 / ,

Henri Matisse, the “self-assured master” and icon of twentieth century painting, explored the depths of his process fervently, in his words, to “push further and deeper into true painting.” The exhibition Matisse: In Search of True Painting, now at the Met, showcases Matisse’s stylistic exploration throughout his prolific career. Starting chronologically, the exhibition takes you through Matisse’s unique process. Pieces such as Sailor I and Sailor II, and Le Luxe I–III depict the abandon in which Matisse painted, swaying heavily from stylistic norms and reaching for the simplest in terms of form and color. Color is an omnipresent characteristic in Matisse’s work, always vibrant and striking, yet never of similar hue. Matisse’s final painted series reaches a climax in richness of color and simplicity of form in works such as Interior with an Egyptian Curtain and Large Red Interior, were Matisse is at his best. The exhibition is a great concentration of works chronicling an important master of modern painting. Don’t miss out, see it now through March 17. http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2012/matisse/introduction.

  • Emiliano Ponzi, Gala girl, 2012.

17 December 2012 / ,

There’s an unmistakable quality to Emiliano Ponzi’s work that oozes style. The composition and elements of his work are so simply composed, only making them more dynamic and intrinsic as you peer deeper inside them. Colors accent perfectly and there’s a slight texture to everything that makes it all seem real. It’s easy to fall in love with this work. http://www.emilianoponzi.com.

  • Olle Eksell, Fischerman.
  • Olle Eksell, Alla våra skämttecknare,1976.
  • Olle Eksell, Kungsträdgården.
  • Olle Eksell, The Stockholm Palace,1939.

12 December 2012 / ,

Illustrator, designer, visionary, and design advocate, Swedish graphic designer Olle Eksell was someone with boundless creative prowess and an exceptional eye for color. This modern master created some of the most inventive and playful illustrations I’ve seen. By chance I stumbled upon the book Olle Eksell: swedish graphic designer and have been blown away by his work ever since. Olle mingled with the likes of Paul Rand and Alvin Lustig, and is defined by his work for Mazetti and Nessim. I’m particularly inspired by his use of geometrical forms and color that always produce compositional harmony. http://olleeksell.se/mainenglish.html.

  • Daehyun Kim, A stammerer, 2012.
  • Daehyun Kim, Wearing me, 2011.
  • Daehyun Kim, Birth of us, 2012.

11 December 2012 / ,

Daehyun Kim breaks the barrier of our subconscious minds to beautifully depict our most unsettling emotions and irrational thoughts through ink in his Moonassi drawings. These monochromatic masterpieces are simple in form and provide an endless storyline of wonder, mystery, and a lurking undertone of despair and depression. Kim reaches deep inside of each of us and pulls out our insecurities, transposing them onto paper with a careful and caring hand. http://www.moonassi.com.