• Saul Bass, Henri's Walk to Paris, 1962.
  • Saul Bass, Henri's Walk to Paris, 1962.
  • Saul Bass, Henri's Walk to Paris, 1962.

10 December 2012 / ,

When Saul Bass makes something it’s usually special. Especially in the case of his only illustrated children’s book “Henri’s Walk to Paris,” out of print for years it has triumphantly returned to inspire countless more with its beautiful graphics and aspirational storyline. Each page is a work of art, designed 50 years ago and still as refreshing as the day it was made. Just another example of Bass’s timeless and masterful work. Get your copy today.

  • Cathy Johnson, Untitled (Pierrefonds Courtyard), 2012.
  • Cathy Johnson, Untitled (France Series), 2011–2012.

14 November 2012 / ,

I had the great opportunity to browse The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival (along with hundreds of other people) on Saturday, feasting my eyes on some of the best illustration work I’ve seen. Towards the end of my stay I noticed a rare treat that I hardly get the chance to indulge in…castles. Cathy Johnson’s love for castles has me in love with her work. They’re eerie, intricate, full of character and history, and have a dreamlike quality that instantly takes you back to the Middle Ages. I managed to get my hands on a screen-print of Untitled (Pierrefonds Courtyard), and my life has been fuller because of it. See more of her fantastic work at http://cathyboy.com.

  • El Lissitzky, USSR. Die russische Ausstellung, 1929.
  • Nikolai Kupreianov, Spor mezhdu domami, 1926.
  • Children during a light-therapy session, 1937.
  • Richard Neutra, “Typical Classr[oo]m Activity Train[in]g,” 1935.

11 November 2012 / ,

The evolution of a medium over a century is an intriguing progression of form and function, but when that medium is design for children the topics include education, entertainment, politics, propaganda, ideology, exploitation, and more. Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900–2000 is centered around Ellen Key’s predictions for modern design and modern childhood progressing into the future. The exhibition showcases a plethora of iconic and stunning work ranging from paintings to posters, toys to games from a wide range of designers and artists. These works illustrate the impact of design on a child’s development, and how children can inspire design as well. I was most intrigued by work from 1920–1940, when modern design was first taking shape and increasingly used as a tool to influence and educate. The exhibition is a great reminder that design has consequences, as it shapes our everyday lives and should be done so thoughtfully—for everyone and everything. Explore more at http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2012/centuryofthechild/#/.

  • Giovan Battista Falda, 1676.
  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini, (1598–1680).
  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini, (1598–1680).

04 November 2012 / ,

Walk the cobbled streets of Rome, visit Rome’s many churches, toss a coin into a fountain, what’s likely to be similar about these experiences?—Bernini. Bernini’s touch on Rome is without question, from the fountains in Piazza Barberini and Piazza Navona, to the angels on Ponte Saint’Angelo, the Piazza San Pietro, works in Siant Peter’s Basilica, and icons such as The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa in the Comaro Chapel, Bernini’s achievements are truly remarkable. Bernini: Sculpting in Clay brings Rome to New York, featuring around fifty bozzetti and modelli, these small clay models and sketches provide insights into Bernini’s process of his most famous work. Thorough and intriguing, I found myself wishing I was back in Rome experiencing these feats in person. Get Romesick yourself through January 6 at the Met. http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2012/bernini.

  • Golden Cosmos, Berlin, 2012.

23 October 2012 / ,

There’s something special about this Berlin based duo dubbed the Golden Cosmos. Their work speaks for itself. But it’s not enough to have brilliantly colorful, witty, and meticulously detailed illustrations—they take it to the next level. Showcasing a website that mimics their works colorful and playful nature, they produced an experience so unique and simple that you’ll be drooling over it for days. Go ahead, be envious, be amazed…the Golden Cosmos is as wonderful as it sounds. http://www.golden-cosmos.com/.