Everything is surreal

29 November 2013 / , ,

Step into a world where imagination and mystery blend into a surreal environment that challenges how you perceive what you see. The familiar becomes anything but, and maybe it never was to begin with, but now everything takes on new life and meaning as the familiar becomes increasingly fascinating. This world is René Magritte’s, the surrealist captivator now on show at the MoMA, Magritte: The Mystery of The Ordinary 1926–1938, brings together Magritte’s work from Brussels and Paris in a comprehensive and at times disturbing exhibition. Magritte gives the impression of a visual scientist, his work methodical and detailed, using a muted almost corpse-esque color palette to depict people and objects in bizarre circumstances and settings. The overall effect is thought provoking and haunting, stirring your curiosity in how the ordinary can be morphed in such a way. See the exhibition now through January 12, 2014, and learn more here.

René Magritte, The apparition, 1928.
René Magritte, Attempting the Impossible, 1928.
René Magritte, The Alphabet of Revelations, 1929.
René Magritte, An End to Contemplation, 1927.
René Magritte, Clairvoyance, 1936.
René Magritte, The Palace of Curtains III, 1928–1929.
René Magritte, The Light of coincidences, 1933.
René Magritte, The Portrait, 1935.
René Magritte, Song of the Storm, 1937.
René Magritte, Not to be Reproduced, 1937.
René Magritte, The Lovers II, 1928.
René Magritte, Portrait of Paul Nougé, 1927.
René Magritte, Time Transfixed, 1938.
René Magritte, The False Mirror, 1929.
René Magritte, The Titanic Days, 1928.
René Magritte, The Rape, 1934.
René Magritte, The Interpretation of Dreams, 1936.
René Magritte, The Menaced Assassin, 1927.
René Magritte, The Treachery of Images, 1928–1929.