• The Blue Dragon, Robert Lepage.

Robert Lepage’s “The Blue Dragon”

27 September 2013 / ,

This past Saturday (September 21) I was lucky enough to catch the final performance of “The Blue Dragon” by Robert Lepage, the said final third part of his “Dragon” trilogy. I know nothing about the previous two prequels, which is fine, because “The Blue Dragon” holds its own in every sense. “The Blue Dragon” is very much a cinematic experience, but better, because the actors are actually in front of you and everything happening on stage is in front of you, making the experience richer, more human, allowing yourself to connect to the characters in a way the screen cannot. Set in Shanghai, the plot is centered around Pierre, a gallery owner, his star artist and lover Xiao, and his x-wife Claire who’s come to adopt a child. This complicated love triangle moves through beautifully made sets lit perfectly and accented by subtle details that give life to the performance. The climax is a cleverly crafted end to the trios woes—almost anticlimactic—giving the audience an ending(s) that is both satisfying and real. “The Blue Dragon” gives theater an addictive quality and has made me excited for more, check out BAMs page on “The Blue Dragon” here.