• 2666, Roberto Bolaño.

Bolaño’s epic epic 2666

26 October 2013 / ,

Hand-in-hand, guided, shown, pointed to where you should draw your attention, you ask questions but receive no answers, there are no answers, you need no answers. Landing, you catch your breath and look around, everything is vivid, this is life, always thinking in the future you wonder what will happen next… then bam, you’ve landed in another place, just as vivid as the place before, but much different, you become engrossed in this new place, but it happens again… you’ve moved again. Bolaño easily engrosses you in each five parts of his epic novel 2666. 2666 truly gives you a sense of life—a steady movement of events, momentum into oblivion. Suspense and mystery slowly build throughout each part, all concluding in the city of Santa Teresa (based on Ciudad Juárez), the Mexican border-town whose claim to fame is low unemployment… and the serial killings of women. This siren city draws people from all walks of life and from all over the world, each trying to digest (and answer) how exactly these incomprehensible crimes are possible. And so our protagonists converge: literary scholars from Europe in search of a rouge writer, a relocated professor from Barcelona, a reporter from New York, detectives and a senator in search of answers, and finally the rogue writer Archimboldi himself, but will their questions ever be answered? Only the slow momentum of life will tell. Bolaño’s goliath masterpiece 2666 gropes around in literary darkness, setting the tone for contemporary literature to come. Get it yourself here.