• The Trial, F. Kafka.

The timeless trial by Kafka

16 November 2013 / ,

Almost like an unsettling dream from which you cannot wake from, Kafka’s classic The Trial transports you to a hazy dreamlike world in which the only thing that’s hazy and dreamlike is the law. K., our protagonist, is arrested, or told he’s arrested, and on trial. Let to wander about his life in profound confusion, chief financial officer K. first revels in mockery towards the law, but what begins as mockery turns to hesitation, and then to more confusion, and finally to paranoia and hysteria. Gasping for air, his timid and somewhat arrogant search for answers reveals only that the law is in fact a mystery to even those practicing it, and in fact there is no escape from a trial at all—only endless repetition. Concluding that the shame will outlive him, K. stubbornly resigns to his fate, perplexed yet still hopeful. A panic-inducing tale of how little control we truly have in modern society or of the excess of the law, Kafka’s timeless classic is a fantastic existential read that’s not to disappoint—get it yourself here.